Thursday, 23 June 2016

Party Cannon

The Party Cannon - MakerFaire

Navindran S/O Chandran/ Navindran Chandran
Diploma in Mechnical Engineering @Singapore Polytechnic
Works as Fablab Assistant @ Fablab @Singapore Polytechinc
The Cannon

1. 80mm diameter Pipes (about 10cm long)

2. 80mm diameter pipes(End Cap) 

3. 80mm - 50mm reducer connector

4. 50mm diameter pipe (8cm)

5. 50mm diameter threaded connector. (2 pieces)
6. Ball valve (50mm)
7. 50mm diameter pipe (10cm)
8. Tank Valve (Male) (You can get this from a motorbike shop)
9. Others
    •Pipe glue
    •Blue cement (PVC glue is good enough)
    •Gap sealer
    •Air pump


Detailed plan:

 The tank valve is connected at the 80mm end cap by drilling a hole on it. The tank valve (male) that you buy may vary so  drilling the hole may not applicable for this.

I followed all the steps from this link

Cannon first edition


The Ball Valve was very hard to turn.
There are some air leakages.

Second edition Canon:


First flaw: The ball valve was very tight and it couldn't be turned.

How do solve the flaws:
We used the fulcrum theory to fix the problem


1. A wooden piece (I took it from fablab recycle corner)

2. Hinges (Also took it from fablab recycle corner)


Second flaw: It's has air leakages.

How I solved the problem.
I used a gap sealer to solve the problem . There were some conventional gap sealer available at a hardware shop.

Cannon edition 2:

Some videos;


My party cannon was a little plain, and my lecturer(Mr.Teo Shin Jin) suggested that I decorated it to make it look more like a cannon for a party. The balloon is not meant for decoration, but to work as a diaphragm; such that the air contained in the balloon will act as a  sling to the payload

Sorry I couldn't be there, I'm in Japan for student's exchange programmes.
Will meet you guys other time with more inventions and makings...


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