Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Project overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Navindran S/O Chandran/ Navindran Chandran
Diploma in Mechnical Engineering @Singapore Polytechnic
Works as Fablab Assistant @ Fablab @Singapore Polytechinc

Currently I'm doing 2 projects:

1. My module project,Chain Pump:

  • I'm currently a second year student in Singapore Polytechnic so there's a module called Engineering nvention where we typically do a reverse engineering. So the theme was Southeast Asia Acient invention.So I got a team of 4 that doing chain pump.
  • It's quite hard as there no proper documentation about it. We are doing it only by knowing the mechanism and pictures. The thing is we are not only reverse engineering it we are actually improvising with some electronic and all will be posting about the update soon.. 

2. My project doing for maker fair (Air cannon) 
Kindly visit this link i send you guys ;


This is real air cannon. I took the idea for him. I have lots of idea but the thing is I'm poor in presenting to people so this is one of the first step i took. That is write my blog. I'm trying this cannon as I'm a fan of nerf gun and poor to buy one, so I do something that I can shoot something towards my brother that annoys me always. But this time is different I'm doing this to shoot candies. Which is fun.. Caution this project is purely mechanical for now. So  I'm trying my best to find some electronics such as Solenoid valve(expensive) so i can do it like hand held cannon... 

This is enough for now the update of my cannon will be post soon.. Stay tuned 

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