Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Chain Pump - Module Project

Chain Pump

Navindran S/O Chandran/ Navindran Chandran
Diploma in Mechnical Engineering @Singapore Polytechnic
Works as Fablab Assistant @ Fablab @Singapore Polytechinc

This is my module project and I don't know what grade I get. The module called Engineering Invention from Engineering Academy. Basically this project is about Ancient Invention the theme I get is South- East Asia Ancient Invention. I had a group of consist of 3 DEEE( Dip.Electrical & Electronic Engineering) student and 2 DME(Dip.Mechanical Engineering) student. So we were told select 3 Asian Ancient Invention. So we select Water-clock , Chain pump and Water - Hammer. Then my lecturer in- charge ask us to do Chain pump..

So what I had in my mind was last time I did a project where I have a rusty attachment chain that I buy to make a threaded wheel. So I use that. So we had 2 prototype presentation

So this will be the first one;
From the left; The overall prototype, electronic component , and the support system..

Problem that we face was the attachment chain and the sprocket doesn't fit as we were using Bicycle sprocket and K-35 attachment chains.
Our prototype was a kind of big and take to much space
No Mobility. Cannot move around with that.

Improvement that targeted to do:
Use only one stand and make it retractable
Decrease the chain size by half
Find a suitable Sprocket.
Do a stopper that we can only rotate it in one direction.

Second and Final Prototype:

The Second prototype was a success but there was no good finishing as the rusting of the chain becoming worse but the prototype works.

What I did??

I use a 8mm acrylic as a working support where we attached the acrylic to connect the driven and effort shaft together firmly and it's works.

Not only that I found the file for K-35 sprocket online:

I just laser cut using acrylic .
I tried to 2d router using aluminium but it doesn't turn out well. So we stick with acrylic.

Breaking the chain is the hardest thing that I do in this project .
But I manage too break it.

Below will be the CAD drawing report that maybe will give you the understanding.

For more brief pictures I will send put the pdf file.


Materials that I use for this project:
  1. Aluminium Extrusion 40 x 40 L500mm&L400mm(Support system)
  2. Acrylic 3mm 8mm( For sprocket, hooks, one way gear mechanism, box for electronic parts and the working support)
  3. Steel pipe D6mm L200mm
  4. PVC pipe D10mm L500mm ( we use it for the lever with 90degree connector)
  5. M4 screw multiple lengths
  6. Wood for the retractable usages
  7. K35 attachment chain.
  8. Tin cans
  9. ABS for 3d printing purpose
  10. LCD screen
  11. Ultrasound sensor 2
  12. Bluetooth receiver..
  13. Adjusting switch
  14. Arduino kit
  15. Connecting Wire.
Fabrication Techniques
  1. 3D-  printing
  2. Laser cutter
  3. 2D- router
  4. Vertical Miling
Target that I achieve:
Make it portable (ACHIEVED)
Make it smaller then first project(ACHIEVED)
Make a stopper ( ACHIEVED)
Find a suitable sprocket(ACHIEVED